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ZooSysEvo group

We are an inter-institutional, multidisciplinary research group that seeks to uncover the processes that generate and shape biodiversity. The use of molecular tools and phylogenetic approaches provides a common ground for interaction among the group members. ZOOSYSEVO aims to become a leading research group in the field of animal systematics and evolution, by promoting synergies among its members and by fostering brainstorming activities. The group has a strong commitment to promote science among the general public, and transfer of knowledge and innovation are priority areas of action within the group.





Development of the NANOLIGHT CONSOLIDER Project

NANOLIGHT.ES – LIGHT CONTROL ON THE NANOSCALE is a research project in the CONSOLIDER-INGENIO 2010 Program of the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. This is a blue-sky project aimed to develop nanoscale light technology for applications in sensing, nanoimaging optical circuitry and data storage, the key components of future information technology, and to consolidate a Spanish consortium acting as an international reference in this field.


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Phylofrontiers 2010


Congress and registration web for a two-day international symposium on frontier biodiversity research in a phylogenetic framework.

The project consist in a web containing all congress data. On the other hand a registration form and an upload papers form are available with some management facilities.


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Gestión de inscripciones para el programa de PhD de IRB Barcelona

phd irb

El proyecto consiste en la actualización del software desarrollado para Joomla 1.0.X a la nueva versión de Joomla 1.5. Además se aprovecha la introducción de funcionalidades nuevas para actualizar aspectos gráficos y de diseño de caracter general.

The Arnedo Lab

arnedo lab

 Development of a scientific web for the M. A. Arnedo's group.

The research aims of this group is to characterize and understand the factors that prompt and shape the diversification of living beings. Our perspective of the evolutionary process is mostly phylogenetic and We are using spiders as model organisms.

Most of our research takes advantage of the experimental conditions provided by isolated systems (e.g. oceanic islands or caves), which contribute to simplify the intrinsic complexity of Macroevolutionary studies.


El Siglo

el siglo

 Situada dins el recinte del Mercantic, la Sala El Siglo va obrir les portes al 2006 com a llibreria de vell amb un fons de més de 10.000 volums antics i usats a la venta.

A aquesta vocació decididament cultural que va marcar la seva apertura s’hi ha afegit durant l’últim any la celebració de múltiples activitats: concerts de música de tots els gèneres, sessions periòdiques de cinema en versió original, teatre, conferencies, recitals de poesia, sessions de ball, etc…


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