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CISA 2013 Congress App


Android app, complementary to the CISA 2013 congress. The app contain the following sections: Welcome, agenda, attendants, venue, scope, accomodation and a display of #cisa2013 hastag messages.

Google play: CISA 2013 APP

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Execus Professional Services was founded in 2010 in Barcelona, offering a new approach to traditional Business Services: Bringing inside organizations experienced professionals to help them drive change, manage projects, consult and train and, in general, adding those skills, know-how, experience to their business that may not be available at a given time.





Batec Mobility mejora radicalmente la movilidad de las personas con discapacidad para equiparar su estilo de vida al de las personas sin discapacidad. Batec Mobility misión la lleva a cabo esta misión creando y comercializando productos innovadores, concebidos por y para personas con discapacidad.

Web: batec-mobility


CISA 2013


Website of the II Iberian Congress of Biological Systematics (CISA2013) hosted by the Zoological Systematics and Evolution Research Group, the Biodiversity Research Institute (UB), the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF), the Catalan Society of Biology and the Natural History Museum of Barcelona.

Web: cisa2013


OMAN Herpetology


Field study for the conservation of the Reptiles of Oman

The main goal of this project is to study the distribution, systematics, evolution and biogeography of the reptiles of Oman, a unique vertebrate group that includes four times more endemic species than mammals, birds and fishes together. With this knowledge, it will be possible to use reptiles as model organisms to enhance conservation prioritization practices in the future by promoting methods that will improve cost-efficiency of conservation actions. Contemporary analysis tools, such as multi-locus phylogenies, multivariate morphological analyses, landscape genetics, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and Species Distribution Models will be used to tackle our main goal.


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CASPE Administració S.L.


Administradores de fincas

Conscientes de la responsabilitat que comporta nuestra labor, Caspe Administració, pone a su disposición experiencia y trabajo para resolver con éxito, cualquier asunto inmobiliario.

Disponemos de los mejores profesionales a su servicio para vender, alquilar o buscar con la máxima eficacia, la vivienda que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades.
Conscientes de la reponsabilidad de nuestra labor, Caspe Administració pone a su disposición nuestra experiencia y trabajo para resolver con gran éxito, cualquier asunto inmobiliario.



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